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(R)evolutionize robotic and cobotic utilization in all areas of life

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Robots and cobots, autonomous vehicles, intelligent spaces and smart places (e.g. cities in the ocean, under the desert, in Ant/arctica, in space), AI-optimized manufacturing, robotic process automation: Technology development is rapidly accelerating.
This is why research is the key element of future inventions as well as societal and technical progress. Machine learning and automation will be everywhere and robotic technologies will increase productivity, safety standards, flexibility, sustainability, resilience as well as cost- and resource-effectivity. Previous utopic scenarios are becoming reality.

With our scientific team consisting of specialists in various fields, with our broad, worldwide research network combined with our huge expertise in and the allocation of EU/governmental funded support opportunities, we are your R&D specialist on the finishing straight to the top-level innovations for our societies.

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