Assistive Healthcare Technologies

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(R)evolutionising high-tech assistive healthcare technologies

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Conducting research on novelty modular sensing tools as well as ambient assistant robots, smart prevention and intervention systems for future rehabilitation centers or ageing society through personalized automation devices and intelligent furniture, are only some of diverse assistive healthcare technologies of future environments (e.g. homes, care facilities and well-being, health & rehabilitation, work-life-environments).

These technologies will be able to predict health status and personalize health care by technology utilization considering ethical aspects, data governance, decentralization of healthcare, usability as well as user acceptance.
We are your research partner to analyse tech trends in order to (r)evolutionise future health assistance systems through innovative technologies. With our extensive experience in and the allocation of EU/governmental funded support opportunities as well as our broad, global research network, we are your R&D partner on the finishing straight to the top-level innovations for our societies.Let’s talk:

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