Robot (r)evolution to “build” the future society

Robot (r)evolution to “build” the future society

An entrepreneurial idea needs a strong global network as well as the technical possibility of practical testing in order to pursue specific goals.

Our unique combination of scientific research and near real world testing in one of our labs in our three core specializations Construction Robotics, Healthcare Technologies and further multidisciplinary Future Technologies evolves out of the box solutions.

We understand ourselves as future socio-ecologic engineers in Construction Robotics, Healthcare Technology and many further Future Technologies who are prepared to approach yet unknown challenges by designing solutions for future industries, economy, ecology and society. We apply frontier science competence and define crossdisciplinary domains permanently.

We are and always stay curious – let’s (r)evolutionize the future and develop mutual synergies.

Let’s talk:

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner
T: +49 941 943 1200
E: thomas.linner(at)

Entrepreneurs can expect:

  1. Coaching and mentoring by top domain experts.
  2. Identify systematically your needs and solutions in the respective area. .
  3. Apply a solution-oriented way of systematic and comprehensive thinking (including technology, organization, business models, supply chains, etc.).
  4. The chance to profit from our global network.
  5. The opportunity to learn how to tap into funding sources for complex technology development (DFG, BMBF, BMWI, Horizon Europe, Marie Skłodowska Curie, etc.).
  6. Adapt new ways of successful technology management.

Patents, (Alumni)-Spin-offs

  • Engaged in the development of the first on-site Construction Robots
  • Engaged in the development of the First automated Construction Sites in Japan
  • Engaged in the development of the First automated Construction Sites in Korea, 2010
  • First Outcomes of the Research Project GEWOS receive best product award at Ambient Assisted Living Congress 2011 by Jury of Users
  • Patent for the steering control system of an automated guided vehicle
  • Patent for the control system of an automated crane hook precision control system
  • Spin-Off Munitec GmbH, Fast Connector Systems
  • Spin-Off EXO Exhibition Overview. EXO is a Start-Up Project which will offer a highly innovative mobile information- and navigation systems at exhibitions and events. It aims at integrating mobile media and location based services into the information procedures of individual clients
  • Patent for an ambient integrated in-door transfer system for care environments together with Gerhards Fabritz and Synco GmbH