Semester Project

Robot (r)evolution to “build” the future society

Robot (r)evolution to “build” the future society

Are you seeking a semester project outside the traditional fields like architecture, engineering and construction in a global as well as local context?

Future socio-ecologic engineers in Construction Robotics, Healthcare Technology and many further Future Technologies will be prepared to approach yet unknown challenges by designing solutions for future industries, economy, ecology and society. They apply frontier science competence and define crossdisciplinary domains permanently. Your semester project in cooperation with Bock Robotics Revolution will be dealing with highly innovative projects around the globe (r)evolutionising the future.

Our unique combination of scientific research and near real world testing in one of our labs in our three specializations Construction Robotics, Healthcare Technologies and further multidisciplinary Future Technologies evolves out of the box solutions – there are various options to thrive your career together with us and to find mutual synergies.

Whether you already have a project vision or you want to be part of one of our current research projects, let’s talk and realize it. Our semester projects are accessible by all students across all faculties.

Let’s talk:

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner
T: +49 941 943 1200
E: thomas.linner(at)

Increasing the speed of Munich’s U-Bahn stations renewal with construction robotics
© Simulation: Grauwald für SWM/Allmann Sattler Wappner

Project participants can expect:

  1. During the entire semester, focus on a project allocated at the forefront of future science and technology.
  2. A project closely linked to ongoing real-world Research and Development projects with global players (e.g. Philips, ABB, Bouygues Construction, Takenaka, Schön Kliniken, etc.).
  3. The chance to work in an interdisciplinary team with supervisors having diverse professional backgrounds (architecture, technology, management, economics, etc.).
  4. The opportunity to gain initial know-how in technology management.